Effects of Internet & Social Media on our lives

Internet has been the most revolutionary and vital invention so far. It helped different Global countries people to interact and to communicate all the information’s, research, inventions by pressing just a button. This helped various educational institute and universities to introduce their educational programs to beneficiaries.
Due to easy communication Contract Business world too has started doing their business on Internet like Gold trading and stock exchange involving Billions of Dollars.
Coming back again where internet is beneficial in a number of ways it is harmful as well. Lots of people trapped by advertisement on internet and duped of their hand earnings.
Pornography on web has deeply entered in to young Children mind destroying their brains encouraging sexual crimes which in turns need money by any means encouraging financial crimes.
Modern day need is to provide and implement awareness for the users to have them know the pro and cons of internet.
According to a global survey the world is leading in destroying its young generation by misusing of internet. Imagine Just when these young will grow up having sex and pornography in mind how they will lead future life.   Having 45% global Muslim population it effected by well-planned strategy to destroy our youth/
To avoid these we should limited access to our kids and every precautionary steps to be taken curb these.  
Instead our Intellectual should develops Islamic web sites and promote them, aware the generation for what Islam and Islamic culture been and to produce generation with true Islamic values and thus developing world with a bright future. 
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