Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh Beware of social media perils

Amazing Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh has cautioned against endeavors to spread publicity through social media stages and ambushing and blaming the state for what it does in the administration of Islam and Muslims.

"They try to undermine the social fabric and they are stages for malevolence that advertise deluding conventions," he said, while conveying an address to an extensive assembling at Taibah University. He said individuals ought not remain distracted with the issue of ladies driving.

"The destination behind not permitting ladies to drive is to secure social order from shades of malice," he clarified.

To drive home his focus, Al-Asheikh reminded the group of onlookers that the Holy Qur'an urges natives to obey rulers who are accountable for the state.

He refered to verse 4:59, which peruses: "O you who have accepted, obey Allah and comply with the Messenger and those in power around you."

The address concentrated on urging youth to attempt to accompany the right way.

"Exceptional Muslims must in this way furnish direction to their brethren to caution them against mercilessness. They should unite so as to stand up to the individuals who goal to annihilate the Muslim social order and who proceed to assault Islam," he said.

"It is the obligation of residents to comply with the individuals who are in power. Individuals out to undermine social order will find it challenging to do so assuming that we are united," the excellent mufti said.

He addressed inquiries from the group of onlookers accompanying t
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