Hafiz being abused by educated, idle women

The Hafiz program, which doles out Sr2,000 for every month to unemployed Saudis, has come as a surprisingly beneficial turn of events for the individuals who are short of money and are not enthusiastic about living up to expectations, especially ladies.

A few Saudi men and ladies, exploiting the framework, have enlisted themselves in the project and have been accepting the month to month recompense.

This, under Saudi laws, is a wrongdoing since it measures to control of the framework other than denying other people who are truly in need of support from getting it. Under the Hafiz system, unemployed Saudis get Sr2,000 ($533) a month for up to one year. The system was presented in late 2011.

A study introduced at the Riyadh Economic Forum uncovered that the amount of unemployed Saudis searching for occupations according to the Hafiz database was 1.6 million, with ladies alone representing 1.2 million. This implies that 78 percent of Hafiz beneficiaries are Saudi ladies.

The Hafiz database additionally demonstrated that 253,613 of the ladies had four year college educations and the majority of them had majored in social sciences, Islamic studies, writing, common sciences and instruction.

Says Lama K, a homemaker: "I am a graduate. My spouse's pay is low and we scarcely profit to pay our rent. It appeared a great thought for me to bail him out by enlisting under Hafiz, to add to the wage for our crew."

Conceding that it was illicit, she said: "I don't accept I have dedicated a confuse since it is hard for both of us to head off to work and leave the kids at home. It feels incredible when I get the cash and offer it to my spouse to make installments."

On account of Jawaher O, low maintenance instructor, the thought came when her spouse went into profound obligation and her occupation wasn't paying much. "It's not simple to administer provided that we make less than Sr5,000 since rent is so high and different installments like instalments for auto. To supplement the family wage, I chose to work in a Jeddah-based school which pays just Sr2,000. I then enlisted in the project and now I make Sr4,000 a month which is accommodating," she said.

"The school pays me through a check and the service might store the cash in my ledger. It is an incredible plan," she included.

Hanan A, housewife, chose to enlist in Hafiz after her mother by marriage let her know she needed to do it to contribute with extra salary. "I didn't realize that my spouse required money related backing however each time I would have been wise to purchase something, he might request that I put it off till the following month. My relative said I may as well select in the Hafiz program and that I could utilize the cash on myself," she said.

"I was content with the thought, however I wound up paying bills and helping my spouse with the bills rather than purchasing what I truly needed," she included.

Saudi attorney Mohamad Nayta says ladies exploiting the project is lawful trick in Hafiz. This denies the individuals who are genuinely in need of the cash till they uncover a suitable work. "Exploiting it is illicit. The individuals who enjoy it need instruction and information, moreover not demonstrating any avocation at the group. Such individuals are not just making it challenging for the administration to take care of the unemployment issue, yet are aggravating it by controlling it and taking something that is not theirs," he said.

Nayta proposed that ladies who are exploiting Hafiz might as well understand it is just an impermanent result, and that they might as well have long haul plans to secure their destiny.

"Most Saudis don't comprehend the point of the unemployment remittance. Hafiz is a system that helps Saudis till they arrive occupations, and not philanthropy from the lord," he said.

In 2011, the Ministry of Labor had said that the unemployment list had 560,000 Saudi women against 140,000 Saudi men, a discrepancy that sparked a debate on unemployment among Saudi women. Some Saudi men accuse women of registering in Hafiz without ever having looked for a job.

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