Thousands captured on 2 Days in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabia security compels have captured many illicit exile specialists countrywide since the crackdown started on Monday, with Makkah Province representing over 5,000 captures.

"More than 5,000 exile laborers were captured on the precise first day of the police fight against violators of work and residency laws," Col. Badar container Saud Al-Saud, representative of the Directorate of Makkah Police, said on Tuesday.

Al-Saud said security officers assaulted places frequented by illicit specialists. He said the fight might stop the misuse of undocumented specialists.

"This battle ought not be confounded as an endeavor to drive out ostracize specialists yet to regularize the status of outside laborers in the Kingdom. So we look for the participation of all residents and ostracizes," Al-Saud said.

He said the individuals who began their amendment handle after the closure of the absolution period might not be recognized violators. Nonetheless, they might need to demonstrate they submitted their provisions on time.

Col. Abdul Aziz Al-Zenaidi, police agent in Hail, said in an articulation that officers captured 201 unlawful specialists in the area from Monday to Tuesday morning.

The police in Northern Border Province captured 68 illicit specialists in the first 24 hours after the crusade was started in the district, said Brig. Bandar Al-Eida, representative of the police in the region.

Capt. Abdullah Al-Ashwi, agent of Najran police, said officers captured 1,187 unlawful specialists and drivers transporting them. The police and other security compels captured and detained 121 specialists in Taif on Monday.

The Security Control Branch of Qassim police captured 297 illicit specialists over the locale on the first day of the battle, said Col. Fahd Al-Habdan, representative of Qassim police. The strikes began at 6 a.m. on Monday and finished at 2 a.m.
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