The Mission Is Already Complete-Said Edward Snowden, The NSA Leaker

    The Mission Is Already Complete-Said Edward Snowden, The NSA Leaker:

Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency or NSA leaker said that his mission is complete already and he also said in an interview that was published on Tuesday that he was having personal satisfaction at the disclosures of the US surveillance policies. Snowden, the ex-intelligence service provider who exposed some extensive details regarding the global electronic surveillance by the US spy agency and he also said that he was neither disloyal to his formal employer or the United States. According to his statement given in The Washington Post, he was not trying to dethrone The NSA, rather he was working in order to improve the NSA. Besides, he added that he is still working for the NSA at present. But the NSA is the only one who does not realize this  thing.

This was the fist complete interview with this National Security Agency leaker, now of 30 years, since he had arrived in Moscow in the month of June in some dramatic bid in order to evade the prosecution by the establishments in the US where this person was accused of the felony and espionage theft of the government property. By Russia, he has been awarded the temporary asylum and he used to remain at some undisclosed location, but still the status of this long-term future remains unclear. He uttered in the interview that according to him the mission in terms of the personal satisfaction has already accomplished and he has won already. He also added that the moment the journalists would be able to work, each and everything, which he has tried to do would be validated. Besides, he also said that he didn’t want like to change the society, rather he wanted to give a chance to the society in deciding whether it wants to change itself. On the other hand NBC’s Pete Williams defines that according to a report commissioned by the present US president Obama advices tighter legal control on the ways one NSA data gathering program gathers and therefore uses the gathered information. On Friday, the US president hinted that he would count on a few changes to the method of NSA’s bulk accumulation of the phone record of Americans in order to address the concern of people about privacy. His comments were published in that very week when a federal judge declared the collection process of NSA was probably unconstitutional. As per the suggestion of the presidential advisory panel 46 changes should be made in the operations of NSA. Snowden also disclosed himself as being an indoor cat and he also added that he used to leave the house rarely while he was living in Moskow. According to him, sitting down, thinking and writing something or talking to anybody are more meaningful tasks to him instead of going outside and looking at the landmarks. He also mentioned that there is no proof for that claim that he is loyal to Russia, China or any other country rather than the US. Neither he has any relationship with the Government of Russia nor he has started any agreement with that country-he added. He concluded that if he is at all defected, then he is faulted from the government to the public.
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