Facebook Adds Urdu As An Official Language

Facebook Adds Urdu As An Official Language

Facebook, the famous social networking website has now added Urdu as one of the official languages on which the website can run. The users of Facebook can now use Urdu as the default language to use the website.

All the text throughout the website will be in Urdu, if Urdu is selected as the desired language to view the social networking website. This will allow the users to comment and put up statuses in Urdu. Comments which were published in English will be screened in English.

This milestone was achieved when the Facebook Translation team was successful in completing all the translations and preparations needed to launch Urdu. Due to the contribution of the users, Urdu was added as a primary language for the website.

Urdu can be selected as the desired language to view Facebook by following these easy and small steps:

Open Facebook on your desired web browser
On the home page, just below the advertisements, you will see ‘English (US) or English (UK)’ written (or any language which you have selected). Click on it.
This will redirect you to a language selection page. Here, find Urdu.
Select Urdu.
This will enable Urdu and your Facebook profile will now be viewed in Urdu. You can change the language again by following the same steps again.
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